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Detailed explanation of grid connected power generation system
、 Basic accessories of grid connected system:

For the grid connected power generation system, the grid connected power generation system has several advantages: first, the efficiency is high, the overall efficiency can reach 80-90%; second, the cost is low. Compared with the off grid system, the battery and controller are omitted, and the cost is reduced by more than 1 / 3. Third, the problem of insufficient load capacity. What are the components of the grid connected system? As mentioned above, compared with the off grid system, the battery and controller are saved. In other words, the most basic grid connected system is solar panels and grid connected inverter. Others are related accessories, such as air switch, circuit breaker, arrester, ammeter, etc.

、 Problems in grid connected system

The biggest difference between grid connected system and off grid system is that grid connected system relies on municipal power or other power sources. When the grid connected power generation is combined with the municipal power flow, there are no problems such as bad wave pattern, unstable voltage, weak load capacity and unable to be used in rainy days. But there is one thing we have to pay attention to. In other words, if the grid connected system leaves the urban power supply or other guiding power supply, it will be Island protected and stop working. Why design like this? The reason is simple. For example, if there is a problem with the power supply line near your home, the power supply bureau will come to repair it. For safety reasons, it may be necessary to cut off the power supply. After power failure, if the home inverter does not stop working, it will still output current to the outside world. It's dangerous. If the maintenance personnel operate without knowing it, it may lead to death! Of course, I'm just making an analogy. The actual situation may be more serious than this!
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三、Basic conditions for grid connection

There's something about the grid connection. Now let's talk about the prerequisites for grid connection. The most basic is to apply to the power supply bureau. Now the state also encourages individuals to invest in distributed grid connected power generation projects. They can get corresponding subsidies or preferential policies according to local policies. If the power supply bureau agrees to connect, you can use it freely without being limited by the amount of electricity generated.

Second, private grid connection. I would like to emphasize that there are several aspects to be paid attention to in the connection of private grid. The first is power generation, because grid connected power generation is combined with urban power, and all power generation is delivered in the daytime. If you are connected to the power grid, but you do not use electricity during the day, then your electricity will be returned to the grid through your home meter. If you do not get the permission of the power supply bureau and do not install two-way or independent meters, then the electricity you send will be sent to the Power Supply Bureau in vain, and the electricity will be paid again according to your current price. This is a very worthwhile thing! So if you want to go online in private, you have to figure out how much load you have and how much power you can use in a day, and then you can figure out the size of the board, that is to say. If your load is 1000 watts. The power of the switchboard shall not be greater than 1000W in order to generate energy from the switchboard. Will be directly consumed by your load, will not return to the grid, to ensure that you can use it spontaneously, will not cause waste!


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